Fire Watch Services.

Designed to meet the specific needs of your property, ensuring that you are fully protected and in compliance with state law and local ordinances.

fire watch services

Ensuring Compliance

As a property owner, if your building’s fire alarm system or water-based fire protection system is non-operational, you are required by law to implement a fire watch. Garrison Security’s Fire Watch Program meets these requirements with tailored fire watch patrol services endorsed by your local Fire Marshal and insurance provider.

Our services are designed to safeguard your people, property, and equipment from fire hazards in various settings. This includes residential buildings, office spaces, construction sites, sports events, and industrial complexes. Temporary disruptions in your fire detection and mitigation systems can result in regulatory shutdowns and fines. To prevent such risks and ensure compliance with regulations, we provide both long-term and short-term fire watch patrol services.

Program Benefits

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At Garrison Security Group, our highly trained professionals excel in assessing fire risks and implementing proactive measures. Our quick response times aim to minimize potential damages. By using cutting-edge technology and adhering to industry best practices, we provide consistent monitoring and surveillance. Vigilance is key to providing the safety and security we believe your assets deserve.

Our fire watch program includes thorough inspections and regular patrols. We follow strict safety protocols to meet regulatory standards and reduce liability risks. Trust Garrison Security Group to safeguard your property and assets with our unparalleled expertise and dedication to safety.

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