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Tailored to meet the specific needs of personnel, team members will be equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to uphold safety protocols. 

Expertly Crafted Training

Garrison Security Group boasts a multitude of trainer certifications, reflecting our commitment to excellence in developing and delivering training programs tailored to diverse client needs. Our collective experience has been instrumental in crafting training sessions that address critical issues such as workplace violence prevention, response to active assailant incidents, identification and mitigation of workplace crime and violence, and the recognition and reporting of concerning or threatening behaviors.

With a track record of providing these trainings to over 70,000 corporate and school executives, staff, administrators, law enforcement, and security personnel worldwide, our expertise is recognized and trusted on a global scale. We take pride in ensuring clients are equipped with the skills and knowledge needed to effectively safeguard their environments.

Our Training Programs

The unfortunate frequency and increase in Active Shooter events over the past two decades have been the cause of a great deal of anxiety across many sectors of our society. Those operating workplaces, entertainment venues, houses of worship, schools, etc., have an obligation to foster safe environments for these activities and to help prepare those they oversee for these low frequency/high consequence events. 

We offers trainings and guidance designed to help recognize threats, identify appropriate responses, and prioritize and implement response actions designed to increase opportunities for survival. The trainings are intended to provide viable options to all participants, regardless of perceived ability, and do so without relying on methods and materials which rely heavily on fear or intimidation.

Target Audience: All Staff, including Supervisors and Managers 

Participants will begin by gaining a better understanding of existing security measures and protocols already in place. They will then learn to contribute to and enhance the overall safety and security of the facility using observational skills, as well as how to identify actions and behaviors which may compromise security and the appropriate means to react to and report such observations. 

Audience: All Staff, including Supervisors and Managers 

Participants will learn about the types of targeted violence that may occur in the workplace. The session will describe and discuss common motives for attacks, along with the pre-incident behaviors generally associated with those who carry out violent acts. The concept of forming and utilizing Behavioral Assessment Teams may also be included. For Human Resources personnel and Managers, this session may be tailored to discuss incorporating assessments into matters involving employee terminations, and policies addressing Workplace Violence, Harassment, Discrimination, etc.) 

Target Audience: Supervisors and Managers, and potentially Staff

This session will assist participants in identifying some of the most common indicators linked to insider threats, including malicious activity designed to exploit vulnerabilities of the security, services, systems, products, or facilities of the company. Participants will learn some of the forms such insider betrayals may take, the types of damage they can cause, and strategies to identify or prevent such activity. 

Target Audience: Front Office Staff, Administrative Assistants, Mailroom  Staff, Supervisors and Managers 

This session is designed to address the proper handling of suspicious packages, items and behaviors. Such events may manifest themselves in the form of deliveries, mailings, unattended articles, phoned in threats, or physical actions of visitors of the facility.

Specific examples of such instances will be included, along with a variety of procedures for handling such events that can enhance safety and ensure proper response from security or law enforcement personnel. 

Target Audience: Security Staff and Security Supervisors/ Managers 

This session is specifically designed for security officers and is intended to increase their professionalism as well as effectiveness in handling a variety of incidents that may require their assistance or intervention. Discussion will include topics designed to enhance observational skills, and their ability to respond to and handle incidents. In addition, the training is intended to help them to better understand and maximize use of the physical security elements and security-related policies already in place. 


Target Audience: All Staff, including Supervisors and Managers 

In this session, participants will be instructed in the concept of Situational Awareness and how to apply this theory to enhance personal safety in both the workplace and in crowded public venues such as airports, malls, theaters, etc. Participants will be presented with an options-based approach for reacting to emergent situations in order to respond quickly and effectively, to increase chances of survival and to learn how these concepts can transcend the workplace and be applied in their personal lives. 

Ensuring Safety

Workforce safety training serves as a cornerstone in cultivating a culture of safety within organizations, aiming to empower employees with a comprehensive understanding of safety protocols and practices. It goes beyond mere compliance with regulations, seeking to instill a proactive approach to safety by arming employees with the knowledge and skills needed to identify potential safety hazards in their work environment. Through interactive training sessions and practical demonstrations, employees learn to recognize risks and take proactive measures to mitigate them, thereby fostering a safer workplace for everyone.

Whether it’s a fire, a medical emergency, or a workplace accident, trained employees are better prepared to take swift and appropriate action, potentially saving lives and minimizing the impact of the incident. This readiness not only enhances employee safety but also contributes to the overall resilience of the organization in the face of unforeseen events.

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