Industries Served.

Critical Infrastructure

From government facilities to airports, solar fields to data centers, we provide security for vital systems in the form of physical site security surveys, armed security, and emergency response.

financial institutions

Customized security packages for financial and banking institutions, including armed securityphysical site security surveys, and workforce training to ensure high-level professional security.

Utilities/ Chemical

Security for pipelines, refineries, chemical plants, and corporate offices with security site assessments, emergency response, and regular security presence to safeguard operations.

Education Facilities*

Customized security plans and workforce training programs to ensure the safety of students, faculty, and staff in public, private, charter schools, and higher education facilities.

*Not available in New Jersey.

industries served

manufacturing/ warehouse

Long-term security presence or temporary services such as armed or unarmed patrols, or fire-watch, to protect your property and assets in manufacturing and warehouse settings.

Healthcare/ Pharmaceuticals

Custom, site-specific plans and workforce training programs to protect patients, staff, guests, and facilities in hospitals and pharmaceutical buildings with varying security needs.


Executive protection and residential/estate security for temporary or long-term needs, ensuring peace of mind for your home, property, and family.

houses of worship

Security presence, physical site security surveys, and professional training for worst-case scenarios like an active shooter, ensure the safety of your place of worship.

construction sites

Essential security measures for construction facilities, laydown yards, and active sites, including determining necessary security measures to prevent theft, vandalism, and asset compromise.

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