Garrison is a full service security company offering quality protection for both high asset individuals, and small and large companies. We work with organizations in all  types of business including Healthcare, Education, Financial Institutions, Utilities and more. We work hard to make sure that you, your business  and your assets have the best protection.  Our Team has over 60 years combined experience in law enforcement and investigative pursuits and holds over a dozen certifications in related fields.  When you choose Garrison, you receive the benefit of all of this experience and expertise , as well as our commitment to the core company values below.



Highest Quality of Service

At Garrison you can count on a high level of training and professionalism. From Executive Protection to Disaster Management and Patrol Services, we bring our expertise to any situation. 



Resilience is paramount to providing you with the best protection, which is why we are always ready to quickly adapt to changing situations.  You can trust that Garrison will be vigilant and highly responsive.


Continuous Growth

We will always strive for excellence and that includes being open to new methods and the most up to date techniques. At Garrison we are continuously seeking out new training opportunities and certifications that can help us, help you. For a list of our current certifications, click here.